Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My October 2017 Topbox

After being a bit disappointed by my September Topbox, I'm happy to say that my October box is a return to Topbox's usual form. While I didn't get a makeup item or a full-size one, I did receive six individual items that cover my hair, face and eyebrows. Here's what I was sent this month:
  • Redken Two Day Extender Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo (34g)
  • Wella Perfect Me Lightweight Beauty Balm Lotion (6ml)
  • Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Face Toner (30ml)
  • Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder (foil sample)
  • The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask (5ml)
  • The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (5ml)

Monday, October 16, 2017

My Facial At Laya Spa

Thanks Google Images for this pic
I haven't been posting here lately because I've been busy working on articles that I actually get paid to write (none on beauty unfortunately though I'm certainly open to the idea if you're interested in hiring me and yes, I will do custom/corporate work). I've been so busy lately that on Saturday I decided to treat myself to a facial.

I live near easily a dozen different places where I can get a facial. I decided to go with Laya Spa on Queen due its great reviews and because it looks accessible. I was right about that last part. The whole place has a casual, hippie chic kind of feel (and smell) to it. This isn't a fancy spa but that's okay by me.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Marcelle City Multi-Protection Tinted Cream Review

Back in the spring I tried out Marcelle's then-new City concealer and I loved it. So when I needed a new BB cream, I decided to pick up that concealer's companion product, City Multi-Protection Tinted Cream. It turns to have been a smart move.

According to Marcelle, this cream is, "supercharged with antioxidants, green tea, aloe and chamomile" and works to "protect skin from environmental stressors" and "prevent a dull complexion and enhance radiance." I can't really say whether or not it did protect my skin from the evils of city living but I can confidently say that it did leave my face looking happy and healthy. While it doesn't have a true matte finish, it also didn't leave my face looking shiny or even particularly glow-y.

The texture of this product hits the sweet spot of not being too thin or too thick. It goes on easily with just your fingers and blends in nicely to your skin. It also provides an impressive amount of coverage. I'm actually quite surprised that Marcelle doesn't play up this fact more because that's the primary reason why I like it.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

My September 2017 Topbox

For the first time in 2017, I received a Topbox that I can confidently call a disappointment. Sure, I've received past boxes that maybe weren't 100% to my liking or that contained duplicate (or almost duplicate) items but overall, the boxes mostly contained items that I was looking forward to using. Not so for my September. Of the four different products I received, one mildly interests me and the rest just have me wishing that I'd been sent something else. Here's what I got:

  • Avry Beauty Chamomile Gloves (2 full-sized pairs)
  • IBY Beauty Highlighter in Bubbly (1.8g)
  • GLAMGLOW YouthMud Tingleexfoliate Treatment (15g)
  • Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum (10ml)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara Review

Troublemaker is the latest mascara from Urban Decay. It gets that name because, "This mascara is so good it should be illegal." With just a couple of coats, this mascara claims to deliver, "...thicker, impossibly long, perfectly fanned-out lashes" and are also ""sexy, fluttery, intensely black."

That all sounds perfect to me so when I had a chance to snap a free sample of this product, I went for it. Since receiving this mascara a couple of weeks ago, I've been testing out Urban Decay's promise of "13.7x the lash volume" and "an intensity that’s blacker than your darkest thoughts" thanks to "two different types of black pigments."