Monday, September 13, 2010

Mark Mega Volume Next Day Spray

I really, really wanted this product, from Avon’s Mark line, to work. Its claim is that it, “Refreshes hair between shampooing, helps remove buildup and reduce oily appearance to revitalize your style.”

Sadly, it does none at that. At most, this lightly-scented spray might make your hair smell a little fresher but it won’t make it look or feel any less greasy.

I’ve tried applying this stuff in different quantities, thinking maybe that was the problem but nope, no difference. And yes, I did follow the instructions that tell you to spray from six inches away.

So while other people have had luck with this stuff, I have't. Thankfully, there are tons of other versions of this product out there and I will definitely be looking into them because while I know that baby powder does the same trick, it can be kind of messy.

Would I buy this again: No
Should you buy it: No

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