Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Get Cheaper Rates From Rogers

You know how you hear those stories about how a friend-of-a-friend threatened to leave Rogers for Bell (or vice versa) and then Rogers give the friend-of-a-friend an amazing deal to keep her on as a customer?

Well, I’m here to tell you today that those stories are completely and utterly true.

Currently, we get our cable, internet, home phone and my cell phone services from Rogers. Even though these things are all “bundled” together, we still pay a stupid price for them (like almost $300 if we rent a couple on-demand movies and make a few long distance calls). So the other day, while we were in the Eaton Centre, Shawn wandered over to the Bell store to see what it would give us.

The Bell employee Shawn talked with was slippery and we never got a real total out of her but we did get enough to realize that we could save money by switching to Bell. We also learned that our building is wired for Bell’s new Fibe service and that would mean faster internet.

So when Shawn got home, he called up Rogers and asked how much it would cost to get out of our current contract, since Bell was offering a much, much better deal.

This was pretty much all it took for Rogers to cut our bill by 30% and give us 500 free long distance minutes a month. Yes, we did have to sign a year-long contract but that discount and those free minutes are applied to each month of that contract and they do result in a significant savings over the course of the year (we basically now have free long distance since I can’t imagine using 500 minutes a month).

I think that because we had four services bundled with Rogers  it was worth it to Rogers to reduce its prices for us. Still, even if you just use Rogers (or Bell) for two or three services, I think it’s worth a threatening call to see if you can get your rates reduced.

Just don’t go in empty handed; have at least some numbers or know that yes, your building/street does have access to Fibe, to give some weight to your I’m-going-to-switch threat.

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