Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Body Shop Reed Diffuser

The Body Shop’s reed diffusers are one of those items that have always intrigued me. I like the simplicity of them, a bunch of reeds sitting in a sleek glass vase that’s partially filled with scented oil, and that they don’t require a candle. But it’s that same simplicity and lack of fire that’s always made me sceptical of their fragrancing (new word!) abilities and because of that, I never bothered buying one.

But last week I got one for Christmas and now I know that not only to these things work, the work very, very well.

Now, our reed diffuser did take a few hours to get going, so this isn't a good product if you need to instantly scent your home, but it’s a great sort of “set-it-and-forget-it” item. Once it gets going, it provides a light, but noticeable scent for days. And with proper placement (like near a centrally located vent or fan), that scent can make its way through your whole house.

Don’t want the diffuser to spread its smell anymore? Then just put the stopper back in the top of the vase and rise off the reeds.

Assuming you don’t do the above, the oil in the diffuser will eventually diffuse away and then you can easily replace it with another bottle of fragrance (around $7.50 though Body Shop does run a three-for-$12 sale every now and then). All of The Body Shop’s home fragrance oils are made using Community Trade, organic soya oil produced by Brazilian farmers who hug the planet every night before bed so you can feel good about buying this stuff.

The Body Shop offers a variety of scent options, ranging from the surprisingly pleasing tobacco flower oil to an overly sweet strawberry option. Our diffuser was the vanilla and lime blossom one, a combo that sounds odd but that really works.

The entire diffuser set cost just under $20, making a great gift idea, even if it’s a gift for yourself.

Would I buy this again: Yes
Should you buy it: Yes

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