Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vichy Normaderm Tri-activ Anti-imperfection Hydrating Care

With a name like that, you can’t help but have high hopes for this product. Plus Vichy is giving out free, seven-day samples so clearly, it has full faith in this item.  Unfortunately, at least for me, this product just didn’t deliver on its name or its various claims.

Basically, it states that it’s a “three-in-one” product that fights imperfections, mattifies and delivers 24-hour hydration. Now, I will say that it did a decent job at mattifying my skin but I should also point out that it’s December and mattifying isn’t really an issue right now.

But moisturizing is and sadly, this product just doesn’t deliver there. Instead it left my skin dry, flaky and worse of all, it didn’t plump up my forehead lines.

This product also didn’t do much to fight imperfections. I deliberately started using it just as some “problem areas” started appearing so that I could test this aspect of it and again, it just didn’t deliver. After three days, with my skin worsening, I had to bust out the Clearasil.

Between its anti-imperfection and mattifying claims, I thought that this lotion might shrink pore skin but again, it did nothing.

It did though “brighten” my skin but I think this was a side-effect of the fact that this light-weight lotion doesn’t absorb very well. Instead, it just sat on top of my skin and whenever I touched my face (to say, apply foundation), it rubbed off, taking that top, dull layer of skin with it.

At first I thought this was happening because I was using too much of the product (the sample sizes are fairly generous) so I used less and less of it (as a result, my seven-day sample turned into a 11-day one) but it didn’t matter, this stuff just wouldn’t absorb into my skin (which explains its overall poor results).

But while I didn’t have a very positive experience with this product, yours might be different. The free, seven-day sample promo is still happening so if you’re interested in this item, head on over to Facebook and request your sample.

Would I buy this again: No
Should you buy it: Only if the sample works for you

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  1. So what is your fav moisturizer with sunscreen for the winter time? Mine is almost out and I need to buy some, wondering if I should change brands...