Sunday, January 2, 2011

Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Targeted Deep Wrinkle Treatment

I love it when a product’s packaging contains a timeline; it really helps with evaluating its effectiveness. Of course, when a product fails to live up to the claims that timeline make, well, that I don’t really love.

Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Targeted Deep Wrinkle Treatment’s box contains three timeline-related claims. The first is that, “instantly” the “appearance of fine lines is reduced. Skin feels deeply hydrated, softer and smoother.” And here it does a decent job.

OK, I wouldn’t say that it made my skin feel “deeply hydrated” but it did pump up the moisture level enough that it did a great job of smoothing out my forehead lines.

Unfortunately, the claim here is that “the appearance of fine lines is reduced”, and this mid-weight lotion lives up all too well to this line. It's just the appearance of the lines that is being reduced, not the actually lines themselves. In other words, it’s just temporary; wait a day and they’ll be back.

The second timeline claim comes in at the four-week make and it’s that “even deep wrinkles are visibly reduced.”  Again, it's all in the language. The actual wrinkles aren't being reduced, just their appearance.

Finally, the box tells use that with continued use, “all types of wrinkles look noticeably diminished, skin appears healthier and younger looking.” I personally didn't find this. I used this product almost daily for around two months and the only time my forehead lines looked diminished was right after I applied some of the cream. Once my skin started to dry out, back came the lines.

While I didn’t expect this product to actually make these lines disappear, I was hoping that it would at least put them on “pause” and keep them from getting worse. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure my forehead lines are deeper now than when I started using this cream.

Really, I shouldn’t be surprised by these results. While any good moisturizer should be able to help temporarily hide fine lines and wrinkles, actually diminishing or even preventing them is generally beyond the abilities of most lotions and creams.

Thankfully I have found something that does pretty good job of at least smoothing forehead lines and I’ll talk about it in my next entry.

Would I buy this again: No
Should you buy it: Only if you're looking for something to temporary smooth out fine lines

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