Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ocean Spray Craisins

For many years, I have heard that fruit is “nature’s candy”. And until today, I never believed that saying. But now that I’ve tried Ocean Spray’s blueberry juice infused Craisins (sweetened dried cranberries), well, now I can honestly say that yes, fruit can taste just like candy.

Of course, the reason why Craisins are so yummy is that one serving, 40 grams, contains 26 grams of sugar. And it tastes like it. These things are very sweet so if like me, sugar is your substance of abuse, you’re going to love Craisins.

Despite all that sugar, Craisins’ packaging says that they are healthy, with a quarter cup providing you with one of your daily fruit servings. Plus they have the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Health Check symbol (I guess that organization doesn't coordinate with any sort of diabetes association).

I suppose Craisins are healthier than say, potato chips, and they certainly are just as tasty.

And just like chips, Craisins come in a variety of flavours, including a trail mix kind that includes chocolate. I bet that tastes amazing… I look forward to trying it and many other versions of my new favourite snack.

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