Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hunter Boots

Writing this entry is making me a bit nervous because the last time I gushed over a pair of boots, one of the soles ended up splitting and leaking. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen to my new favourite pair of boots, my Hunter rain boots.

I know that some people dislike Hunters because they are everywhere but there’s a good reason for that and no, it’s not because they’re available in so many fun colours. It’s because they are simply the ideal rain boots (or even winter boots if you were them with the right sock).

Made of tough-but-lightweight neoprene, they keep out moisture and can be easily cleaned with a damp paper towel. They’re also slip resistant.

Plus they are super-comfortable and this means a lot coming from someone who can rarely wear boots because they never fit right (and I mean never). Maybe it’s because Hunters were originally meant for farmers but these things fit my boney feet and muscular legs perfectly.

While I tried on a few different styles of Hunter boots, including the original style that you see everywhere, I ended up getting the Original Short. I went with this one because I wanted the dark green colour and the store I was buying them from only had that colour in the short style (and the store was having a 25% off sale on Hunters so that’s why I didn’t go looking for them elsewhere).

Having worn these boots off and on over the past few weeks, I’m quite happy that I went with the shorter style and not just because of the colour. While I would definitely recommend going with the taller style if you plan on wearing these boots with skirts (it just looks better) or if you’re going to be spending lots of time in tall fields of grass, the shorter style is ideal for running around the city in, especially, if like me, you tend to wear wide legged pants. I’ve wore these boots to a show at Lee’s Palace as well as to The Ballroom, Toronto’s flashy new bowling alley, and I was completely comfortable wearing them at both spots.

Besides being a bit lighter, the shorter style is around $25 cheaper, which is nice since Hunters aren’t exactly cheap, at least as far as rain boots go. I’ve seen the tall styles go for as much as $175 in Toronto shoe stores (though if you look online, you can definitely get them cheaper).

I guess if my Hunters do meet the same leaky fate as my Sorels, I’ll get to put their one-year warranty to test. But here’s to hoping I don’t have to try that out.

Would I buy this again: Happily!
Should you buy it: Yep.

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