Monday, March 7, 2011

Kraft Dinner Smart

I plan to do some more honeymoon-related posts but first, I feel I need to warn Canada about a horrible new product I unfortunately tasted this week: Kraft Dinner Smart.

This version of Kraft Dinner is “smart” because it’s made with a vegetable wheat pasta that delivers a half serving of vegetables per 50 g serving (one box makes three servings).  I see where Kraft was going with this concept but there’s not a vegetable on this planet that tastes as bad as this product (well, maybe onions are worse).

We had the three-cheese flavoured Smart but there was nothing cheesy-tasting about this product. Instead, it tastes like poorly cooked broccoli (the pasta is actually made with cauliflower) covered in a light slime.

I couldn’t eat more than a spoonful of this stuff. Husband did better but agrees that we will never be buying this product again and suggested donating the other box we have to the food bank. I said that would be cruel and threw it out instead.

Trust me, it wasn’t a wasteful thing to do; no one should be eating something this bad, even if it would give you a whopping half serving of vegetables.

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  1. It's repulsive... it tastes like there's some gritty stuff in it and not in a good way either. Definitely not buying Kraft Dinner Smart ever again, I'll just stick to the regular and eat my vegetables whole. I actually Googled "kraft dinner smart tastes bad" and found your blog—I thought my taste buds were betraying me!