Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where We Ate In Bora Bora

While I didn’t love our hotel in Bora Bora, I did enjoy pretty much everything I ate on the island. Here’s a quick look at where and what we ate.

My yummy tuna dish
Fare Manuia
We ate here twice because it was so good and both times I had the same meal: tuna streak in a fruit oil. This was favourite meal of the whole trip and we had a lot of good meals.

Husband has the tuna once and the shrimp curry another time and he enjoyed that. We also loved the two desserts we had. The first time we split some ice creamy cookie thing and the second time we had a lava cake with real vanilla ice cream. Even if you’re full from your meal, get a dessert.

Like most restaurants in Bora Bora, the atmosphere here is quite casual and the service isn’t speedy but it is professional and polite.

This tasted so good!
And also, like everywhere in Bora Bora, the meal isn’t cheap (over $100 with alcohol) but it’s certainly worth the money.

Kaina Hut
Despite having sand floors, this place is a little “fancier” than Fare Manuia though pricewise it’s about the same.

Here I had a very impressive dish that involved mahi-mahi cooked on an actual lava rock. It was very tasty, as was Husband’s beef dish and our lava cake dessert (they’re big on the lava cake in French Polynesia).
Yep, that's cooked on a rock

Kaina Hut picked us up and took us back to our hotel, saving us quite a bit in cab money.

La Bounty
We split a pizza here twice at this casual, open-air place. Both pizzas were great, made with a thin, crispy crust, just like pizza should be.

Our first pizza was generously topped with chicken breast while our second one, the Greek-style, had feta, fresh tomatoes and olives.

La Bounty offers several dozen types of pizza, most in the $20-$25 range for a large, as well as many other items. While we walked here, I think it might do pick up for dinner.

Mystery Crepe and Pizza Spot

This place was located between the Maitai and the Bounty and had a big sign out the front that simply said “Crepes and Pizza”.

We had pizza from here once for dinner and I went with a medium margarita while Shawn had the pepperoni.

Like La Bounty, this place had a ton of choices and prices were reasonable. The crust was also thin, crispy and quite delicious. In fact, the pizzas from both places were quite similar and because of that, I don’t have a preference.

While this little place does have seating out front, we opted to get our pizza to go and eat on our balcony.

Bloody Mary’s

Bora Bora’s most famous restaurant has a reputation as being a bit of a tourist trap but honestly, the food is delicious, the service is great and the prices are quite reasonable. In fact, this place had the cheapest drink prices I saw.

The "menu" at Bloody Mary's
It is though certainly more commercial than the other restaurants, despite its sand floors and “shoe check”. And when the cruise comes to town, this place books up. Unfortunately, the cruise ship people kept us from eating here until our very last night, which is a shame because I would have loved to have eaten here again.

Part of Bloody Mary’s appeal is that it doesn’t have a menu. Instead, the day’s various meat and fish options are spread out on ice, you point to the item you want and then the restaurant grills it up for you.

I went with a mesquite flavoured tuna while Shawn went with a teriyaki wahoo fish and both were delicious choices.

They were also huge portions, so huge in fact that we didn’t have room for dessert. But the dessert that I saw other people eating, particularly the crème brule, looked very yummy.

And yes, Bloody Mary’s does offer pick-up.

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