Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NYC Part 2: Stuff I Ate: Eataly, HK, Overly, The Taco Truck & Lansky's Deli

Our monkfish at Eataly
My eating adventures in New York City continue...

Eataly – 200 5th Ave
Delicious chaos is probably the best way to describe this 50,000-square-foot space dedicated to Italian food. If it’s an Italian and it’s food-related, this place probably sells it. There’s also several restaurants, wine-and-cheese-bar, multiple to-go stations, a cooking school, a wine store and probably countless other aspects that we didn’t see.

Since there was a 45 minute-an hour wait at the pasta and pizza place, we decided to eat at the fish restaurant, which only had a 10 minute wait. The menu was fairly small and several items were already sold out (the waiter told us that usually more items were sold out by 8 pm, the time we ordered) so we all ended up with the monkfish filets and that was just fine because it was delicious and quite meaty for a fish.
At $25, it wasn’t a cheap meal but the quality and the quantity meant that you were getting a good bang for your buck. I would definitely go back to Eataly to do some shopping as well as some more eating but next time I’ll try to go at an earlier hour (though I’m told the place is always a zoo).

HK  523 9th Ave
We went to this Hell Kitchen’s restaurant for brunch and it was OK. I had the pancakes and they tasted like pancakes, nothing really special about them.

Perhaps I would have been more impressed if I’d ordered the brunch special which, for $12.99, would have gotten me the pancakes (or one of several other dishes) and unlimited mimosas, bloody marys or bellinies.

While this type of deal isn’t uncommon in NYC, it’s quite appealing to some from Toronto the Good (sadly, I was unable to take advantage of it as I had to be sober for my sister’s dress viewing).

Because of the wide variety of brunch spots in NYC, I probably wouldn’t bother heading back to this place but if you’re staying in the area and need a quick, reasonably priced brunch spot, this place will do.

Ovenly – Williamsburg edition of the Brooklyn Flea Market
Dear food vendors, if you want my business, offer samples. That’s what Overly did and after trying the spicy bacon caramel corn, the maple thyme pecans and the bacon fat-washed Old Bay peanuts, I decided on the peanuts (it was a tough decision because everything I tried was so tasty).

While probably not the healthiest item, the peanuts were damn good and yes, you could taste a touch of bacon. Somehow I managed to not devour this yummy product all in one sitting.

I think this cost under $3
Ovenly doesn’t its own store but does regularly sell at the Brooklyn Flea Market as well as these other locations and yes, it is worth the effort the track down Ovenly’s goods.

The Taco Truck – Corner of Bedford & 6th, Brooklyn
I didn’t eat at the taco truck because I don’t eat tacos but Alison did and she really, really liked her taco. The guy in front of her got some crazy burger creation that had like, two-inches of shredded cheese on it, and I believe that Alison’s biggest regret of the whole trip is not getting that burger (though I’m sure her arteries are glad she skipped it).

Lansky’s Deli - 235 Columbus Ave
Alison found this place when we were hunting for a place to eat before taking in a movie (yes, we used our time in NYC to watch a movie). If you’re looking for a classic, New York City deli, you’re going to want to check this place out.

Because I was going to be eating deli the next day (flying back to Toronto), I decided to go for the fish and chips. The fish was OK, the chips not so much, and my meal paled compared to what my dining companions got. My sister’s fiancĂ©’s sandwich had probably half-a-pound of turkey on it while my sister’s “healthy” Greek pita probably had that much in feta cheese.
Thanks to Alison for the photo!

So yeah, portions were huge and the prices were right. Except for the chocolate shake I got. For $6 it was on the small size and made with chocolate syrup, not real ice cream.

If you do check this place out, skip the shakes and come on the early side. By the time we left at about 6:45, there was already quite the lineup.

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