Sunday, June 5, 2011

Charras Tostada Chipotle & President’s Choice Pepperoni Wood-fired Thin Crust Pizza

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of the stuff I liked and didn’t like, so that I wouldn’t re-buy the same disappointing crap. This entry is going to the perfect example of this.

Something I Liked: Charras Tostada Chipotle 
A friend introduced me to these corn tostadas a couple years ago however, it was only this weekend that I found out their exact name (she brought me some in a bag and thanks to this blog entry, I’m going to remember that name).

That bag also says things like “Original Traditional” and “The Real Mexican Flavor”. I have no idea if these tostadas are actually “authentic” (though they are made in Mexico) but I do know that they are very tasty and make for a great snack.

They’re quite thin and very crunchy, with a chipotle bite that’s not too strong for my white girl mouth.

The first time I had them, they were mixed into a homemade snack mix and the bag has a recipe where you use them as the base for a beef brochette but personally I just like to eat them straight out of the bag.

Now that I know the exact name of this product and what it looks like in a bag, I’m going to try and track it down; my friend told me to try Loblaw’s’ Mexican food section. Here’s hoping I can find it!

Sometime I Don’t Like: President’s Choice Pepperoni Wood-fired Thin Crust Pizza
Bland, boring, blah… How else can I describe this frozen pizza?

OK, so it’s not actually bad tasting, but it’s not good tasting either. In a world where there are yummy frozen pizzas, I have no interest in eating this product again, with its tasteless sauce, not-thin-enough crust and lack of cheese.

The only good part of this pizza was the pepperoni. It did have flavour and there was lots of it. But while I liked the pepperoni, it wasn’t enough to make me consider buying this pizza again.

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