Monday, June 13, 2011

President Choice’s Blue Menu Sirloin Lean Beef Burgers vs. Backyard Beef Burgers

This is a bit of an odd review because it’s for two items that I didn’t personally try: President Choice’s Blue Menu Sirloin Lean Beef Burgers and Backyard Beef Burgers.

I don’t eat beef so that’s why I didn’t try them. However, my husband and several guests recently tried both of those burgers and there was such clear winner that I figured that I might as well write up a quick entry about them.

We recently had a BBQ and for some reason, decided to offer two different types of burgers. I assumed that since they were both PC products and were both all-beef, both burgers types would be quite similar. Turns out I was wrong.

While not everyone tried both types of burgers, those who did preferred the sirloin type. They found that it was less fatty, less greasy and just all round tastier.

My husband also found that the lack of grease meant that the sirloin burgers were easier, and safer, to cook than the backyard burgers, which were responsible for several grill flare-ups.

However, Uunlike several reviews on the PC website, he didn’t have any issues with either types of burger falling apart.

While the sirloin burger were slightly more expensive than the backyard ones (I think $10.99 vs. $9.99), they’re definitely worth the whole extra dollar. They’re also healthier too, coming in at 180 calories and 8 grams of fat, compared to 370 calories and 29 grams of fat (though to be fair, the backyard burgers are a bit bigger than the sirloin ones).

Would I buy this again: Yep, we will be buying the sirloin burgers again.
Should you buy it: If you’re a fan of beef burgers, go for it.

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