Sunday, July 10, 2011

Body Shop Week

I’ve decided  that this week’s trio of posts, and probably one or two of next week’s posts, will review Body Shop products because I just have so many of them.

Today I added  to my collection when I picked up the four products below. I’d originally planned to get only the Tea Tree Face Mask using the $10 birthday credit I get for being a Love Your Body member but when I went up to the cash, I learned that I’d earned enough points on my membership that I had another $25 credit.

Then, while figuring out what to buy with my $35 credit, a sales clerk told me that the store was having one of those sales where buying two of any item in the store would get me a third item free.

So, thanks to all of those discounts, I was able to get these four items:

  • Maca Root Face Scrub
  • Warming Mineral Mask
  • Tea Tree Face Mask
  • Aloe & Soft Linen Home Fragrance Oil

 for only $4.07 and yes, that includes the tax.  Quite the deal I think…

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