Friday, July 22, 2011

Win Free Beauty Stuff!

I’m now officially off on vacation (sadly, I’m not in Bora Bora or New York City but in Alberta) and to celebrate I thought that I’d share an amazing blog with you: Listen to Lena. Why is this blog so amazing? Because it offers up some crazy good prizes.

For example:
And that’s just a sampling!

There are multiple ways to enter all of those contests, including the option to enter them daily via Twitter.  And yes, they are open to both residents of Canada and the US (though I wish they were only open to us Canadians since that would increase the chance of me winning something).
I just discovered Lena’s site this month so I haven’t had the chance to win anything yet (I think all of the contests I’ve been entering run until the end of July) but if I’m lucky I’m certainly let you know.

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