Sunday, October 30, 2011

Palm Bay Spritz

Since it’s Halloween weekend, it seems appropriate to review something alcoholic:  Palm Bay spritzes, a vodka-based beverage that's sold in six-packs and comes in four flavours.

I only tried two of those flavours: key lime cherry and strawberry pineapple and trust me, when it comes to drinks like this one, it's all about the flavours.

Of those two, the key lime cherry is the winner. It’s a nice balance of sweetness and tartness and as a result, this flavour goes down like juice. However, I should state that I only had the chance to drink two cans of this flavour. Perhaps by the end of my third can, my opinion on the key lime cherry would be more like my opinion on the strawberry pineapple flavour.

That flavour actually isn’t bad, at first. But by the end of my second can, I was finding that it was too something; almost too sweet but not in the usual, sugary way, more in that artificial, fake-tasting way. As a result, I wasn’t really looking forward to drinking the other cans that I brought.

Ideally, Palm Bay would offer some kind of variety pack that would mix up the flavours. If that option was offered, I would regularly pick up this product because it is great house-party drink. It’s easy to carry (no noisy/heavy glass bottles), the aluminum cans are very “crowd friendly” (no need for a glass or worrying about a bottle smashing into your mouth) and it’s reasonably priced (about $11).

Plus Palm Bay’s alcohol content is only 5%, so you don’t have to worry about your night getting too messy (well, most people don’t).

Would I buy this again: I might pick up the key lime cherry flavour again.
Should you buy it: Sure, but only if it’s for a night where you have some other beverage choices.

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