Sunday, November 20, 2011

Softlips Nourish Lip Balm

Sometimes you see a product and you know that it’s not going to be that great but you think, “Maybe I’m just being pessimistic and it really will work.” And so you buy and in the end, no, it didn’t really work.

I’m currently having that experience with Softlips Nourish lip balm. I’ve had positive experiences in the past with Softlips products so when I saw this new item, in a pretty, sleek blue container, I was intrigued.

Its packaging boasts of something called “lipidure technology”, which has “superior capability to attract and lock in moisture”. This balm also “contains natural replenishing ingredients” such shea butter oil, vitamin E and macadamia nut oil, all very good things.
However, that packaging also proudly starts that this product contains peppermint, an ingredient that actually isn’t that good for your skin, even though it smells, and sometimes feels, great.
It was because of the inclusion of peppermint that I knew that I shouldn’t buy this item but I did anyways because, I don’t know, I thought maybe it wouldn’t really be that peppermint-y.

And scent-wise, this balm actually only has a faint hint of peppermint to it. But once you put it on, oh, then you feel the peppermint. The balm definitely makes your lips tingle, sometimes uncomfortably so if they’re cracked. The tingling sensation doesn’t last long, under two minutes, and most of the time I didn’t mind it but I can see how some people might hate it.

Once the tingling goes away, this product does leave your lips feeling moisturized, without any sticky or heaviness.  But unfortunately that feeling is just that, a feeling. I’ve been using this product multiple times a day over at least two weeks and if anything my lips are drier (though I’m inclined to blame that on the colder weather and not this actual product).

But as least my lips didn’t end up irritated, which is always a risk when using a product that really does contain peppermint.

Softlips clearly is positioning this item as a lip balm not a gloss or anything like that and as a result, this balm is quite matte and leaves you with a natural look (even if it does sort of feel like many of those lip pumping glosses out there).

 At best, when dealing with lips that aren’t actually cracked, it will make them feel okay, for a short while anyway.

This brand does come in two other flavours:  Moist Bergamot and Fresh Lavender, both ingredients which have their own issues.

Would I buy this again: No.
Should you buy it: No.

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