Monday, February 13, 2012

The Body Shop Concealer

I have no idea why I bought this product. Maybe I read a positive review of it somewhere or maybe it was on sale and I just impulsively bought it. Whatever the reason, it was not a good purchase, at least not for me.

I like applying my makeup with my fingers whenever possible and unfortunately, I can’t really do that with this stick product. I works best when you applying to directly to whatever blemish you’re trying to cover up and personally, I don’t like that method.

However, unlike some stick products out there, this one does go on easily and with minimal pressure, which is key since you might be using this concealer to cover up a pimple.

And its blemishes like pimples that you should be using this product on. While many concealers out there are intended to cover dark under-eye circles, this isn’t one of them. I don’t like the idea of using a pencil directly on delicate eye-area skin and the three colours that this product comes are on the dark side, meaning that they won’t lighten and brighten any dark circles.

The Body Shop says that this is concealer is, “A range of luxuriously creamy, lightweight, wax-based concealer pencils that blends easily to effectively cover blemishes and conceal redness.” I agree that that this is a lightweight product but it could be creamy, which would result in it being more blendable. While it does blend, you have to really work it in, which results in some of product rubbing off and then you have to apply more and the process starts all over again.

I also find that this product doesn’t offer enough coverage for any serious blemishes. While it does a good job at covering light redness and faint blemishes, it just doesn’t have the pigmentation needed to cover the problems that you really want to cover.

On the plus side, once this concealer is on, it’s on and doesn’t come off easily. And because it’s in pencil format, complete with a lid, it’s very portable and travel-friendly. It’s also cheap, at just $11.

Would I Buy It Again: No.
Should You Buy It: If you’re looking for a cheap, bag-safe concealer that can be used for quick, light touch-ups, this product might be for you.

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