Friday, March 16, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HRS

While reviewing the product webpage for Maybelline’s latest line of eye shadows, I noticed something interesting: it never actually states that this product will last you for 24 hours. Instead, it uses the phrase “24HR” so you think that they’re making this amazing claim but they aren’t.

And that’s a good thing because this shadow doesn’t come close to lasting for 24 hours. When applied over a bare eye, the colour (which I do love, more on that in a minute) started migrating to my lid’s crease within the hour.

As one would expect, prepped (using either primer or powder) lids did much better and if you apply a double-layer of this product, you really can get around eight hours of vivid, just-sparkly enough colour.

I’m actually quite impressed with the colour itself. It really is “super-saturated” with just the right amount of sparkle.  I find that too many eye shadows, particularly drugstore brands, just don’t deliver truly intense, eye-catching colour but that’s no issue with this product.

Now, to get that really vivid, as-seen-in-the-ads colour, you do need to apply at least two coats but I’m OK with that because that means that I also have the option of using this shadow for a lighter, more daytime-appropriate look. And while a single coat is clearly more muted than a double coat, it’s still quite pretty, with a healthy dose of colour.

This product’s creamy texture makes it a pain to apply using a brush however, it’s perfect for people like me who prefer applying makeup with their fingers. Yes, that means that you can’t really use this shadow to create a complicated, multi-layered looks but with colours this pretty, why would you want to?

While this shadow does have a tendency to crease, there’s minimal shedding, and I could even rub my eyes and not smear it all over the place. While it’s not exactly “tattoo” like, it’s surprisingly close for a product that costs under $10.

And at that price, it’s easy to pick up this product in several colours (10 choices are available). While I currently just have it just in the very versatile pomegranate punk, I do plan on picking up at least couple other colours.

Would I buy this again: Yes.
 Should you buy it: Yes.

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