Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nip + Fab Frown Fix

I picked up this “instant line filler” a while ago at Shoppers because I figured that a product that at one time had a waiting list of 8,000 had to be the perfect weapon in my ongoing fight against my forehead lines.

Initially though, I was quite disappointed in this item. My first issue was the packaging. It comes in one of those tubes where the product is dispensed onto a little brush by twisting the opposite end. I hate this set-up because I find it difficult to control and just a pain in the ass to use (plus, I have had twisty tubes break, resulting in me having to throw out the whole item).

My second issue was the actual product itself.  According to the packaging, this item, which is made with amino acids, vitamin-rich purslane and the anti-irritant centalla, is, “A concentrated formula that instantly plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles.” Initially, I found that this claim was only true when my forehead lines were mildly visible. If my skin was extra dry, making my forehead lines extra visible, this serum definitely did not, “smooth + minimise” them, like the packaging claimed it would.

Finally, I didn’t like how you can’t apply this product over makeup. Yes, I know that most serum are intended to be worn under makeup but sometimes, mid-day, lines became visible again and you need something to plump them back up and make them go away. And that something certainly isn’t Frown Fix, which will just sit on top of makeup like a milky film.

That last item is still an issue for me but thankfully, I’ve been able to sort out the other two and I’m now quite a fan of this product. Even though this serum didn’t immediately give me the amazing results that it claimed it would, I kept using it and noticed that my forehead lines were steadily becoming less and less visible, until more often than not, I couldn't see them at all. Of course, they didn't really disappear and so they still do make appearances, however, I generally make them vanish again with an application of Frown Fix.

(I also figured out how to deal with the annoying tube: apply the product first to my figure and the use my figure to apply it exactly where I want it.)

I now definitely understand why so many people out there love this product. While it doesn’t make fine lines disappear (nothing can), it does minimize them and it does it with a product that absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave skin looking or feeling weird and doesn’t interfere with makeup (as long as you apply this serum under it).

Frown Fix is also cheap, under $20, and because a little goes along way, one tube will last you for months.

This is definitely a new bathroom cabinet staple for me.

Would I buy this again:
Should you buy it: Yes.

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