Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask

I came across this product a few weeks ago, while searching for a new hair mask at Shopper’s. While an on-sale sticker is what initially caught my eye (I think I paid around $7 for 225 ml), I decided to take this item home because of its claim that it, “Resists breakage for longer hair.”

I have long, naturally fine hair that’s prone to split ends (I’m sure the highlights don’t help) so this mask seemed like an ideal product for me because it, supposedly, “Helps restore moisture and prevent breakage so that your hair can grow longer.”

Of course, that sentence ends with a little star that explains that those results are compared to a non-conditioning shampoo.  But this didn’t bother me. While usually I do use a conditioning shampoo, I also mix it up and every now and then use a clarifying one. Since you’re supposed to use this mask as a conditioner replacement, I figured that pairing this mask with a non-conditioning shampoo would be a great idea.

And, at least on a surface level, it is. There’s no question that this mask adds visible shine as well as touchable softness to my hair. Now, these results aren’t outstanding and I’ve had similar ones using other conditioners, but they are better than what I was getting using Dove’s Intensive Repair Conditioner.

But I can’t tell if this mask is doing anything to strengthen my hair. Depending on various factors, sometimes it does look smoother and healthier but then other times, broken strands of hair form a lovely halo of frizz around the crown of my head.

Since at a minimum, this product is a suitable conditioner replacement, I am going to keep using it until I’ve emptied the jar. Hopefully by then I’ll know if this product is worth purchasing again or not.

Would I buy this again: We’ll see.
Should you buy it: It’s worth trying, especially if you can get it on sale.

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