Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Unlike pretty much every other beauty blogger, I haven’t jumped on the BB cream bandwagon because to me, these products seem just like tinted primers that may or may not contain UV protection. While they sound great for people who just need light coverage, I don’t see how they would benefit someone like me who has flaws that she wants to cover up.

Still, while I was (and still am) skeptical about BB creams, I was also curious about them so when I had a chance to get a free sample of Garnier’s Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector, I jumped on it.

Garnier claims that its BB cream produces five instant results and is an “all-in-one solution.” Here’s a breakdown of those five results Garniers says I should see and what my actual experience was.

  1. Corrects imperfections – No, not even close. I had to use my CoverFX foundation to hide pimples, a visible vein and other unwanted marks. That being said, this product did provide more coverage than I was expecting.
  2. Brightens skin tone – Sure. It was nothing dramatic but then this has never been an area of concern for me. 
  3. Evens complexion – Here I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect this product to really do much in this area but it did visibly even things out.   
  4. Protects against UV – Garnier says that this product has a SPF rating of 15 and we’ll just have to trust them on that. 
  5. Hydrates for 24 hours – I can’t comment on the 24 hour part but this product did keep my skin soft and moisturized for at least eight. However, it also gave my skin an overly dewy appearance that I didn’t like (thankfully a dusting of powder toned it down). 

So not exactly an “all-in-solution”, at least not for me, though this product did exceed my expectations for it.

This BB cream comes in two shades, a dark medium and a medium light. I used the latter shade and it worked quite nicely on my slightly-darker-than-ivory skin.  Apart from the excessive dewiness, this product did look very natural and felt great on. It also got along quite nicely with my other makeup.

Will I buy this product in the future?
If it wasn’t for the dewiness issue, I would consider picking this item up. It provided more coverage than I was expecting and I can see how it would be ideal to wear on a “good skin day.”

Should you buy this product?
If your biggest skins issues have to do with unevenness and/or mild dryness, check this item out.  It really is a quick and easy way to even out one’s skin tone and I love that it contains some UV protection. But if your skin is oily and/or prone to pimples, stay away from it.

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  1. Oooh thanks for your review....I have been pondering this product....maybe I will try it out in the summer when I don't like to wear too much makeup...and hopefully don't have a break out!