Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish

I regularly receive press releases about new beauty products but I usually ignore them as the products don’t appeal to me and/or are only available in the US.

But last month I received an email from Skindinavia about their no shine makeup finishing spray that immediately grabbed my attention because it focused on an area that’s a problem for me: Makeup not staying in place under hot, humid conditions.

Even though Skindinavia is a US company, I decided to see if I could get a sample of this amazing-sounding product and to my pleasant surprise, they sent me a bottle of their No More Shine Makeup Finish, an “ultra fine long wear makeup setting spray” that supposedly “controls shine and absorbs oil over face and t-zone while preventing makeup slippage” for “up to 16 hours” (so yes, I am sampling a freebie here).

To put those claims to the test, I tried this spray out in a variety of settings, including the gym and a party. I also did several split-face tests where I used the spray on half of my face and then wore primer or nothing under my makeup on the other half.

My results from all of those tests were consistent: This stuff works, at least when it comes to minimizing makeup slippage. Now, it’s not some kind of miracle product, makeup entering its 15th hour of wear won’t look like it was freshly applied, and I do wish that it was better at toning down shine, but it visibly made my makeup last longer than any other product I’ve tried.

This was particularly clear in my gym test. For it, I applied my usual makeup over my face, which had just been prepped with a moisturizer. Then I sprayed half of my face with the Skindinavia finish and went to work out for about an hour.

At the end of my workout I checked how I looked and was amazed to see that the makeup on the sprayed side of my face was still in place. Yes, that side was shinier than I hoped it would be but it was also missing the redness and blotchiness that was clearly visible on the non-sprayed side.

Besides being effective, this product goes on easily (just a few sprays pre-and post-makeup application) and feels and looks like nothing on your skin. It also doesn’t leave any residue or in any way interfere with makeup texture or colour. And while it does do a great job at keeping makeup in place, it also washes off easily, with warm water and your regular face wash.

This product is also fairly “healthy”, at least compared to many beauty products out there. It’s hypoallergic, free of parabens, not tested on animals and cruelty-free.

While I tried out the No More Shine Makeup Finish, Skindinavia does make several versions of this product, including ones for dry and for older skin. All bottles come in a variety of sizes, with the four ounce one costing around $29 US. Not a bad price, considering that one bottle should last you for months. However, there is a catch…

Will I buy this product in the future? I would happily include this product in my regular makeup lineup if I could walk into a store and purchase it. However, currently you can only buy it online, which is a pain. And of course there is the cost of shipping ($10.50 is your cheapest option) to Canada. But it does work so… I don’t know. I think I’ll use my sample bottle throughout the summer if it turns into one of those things I can’t live without then yeah, I’ll be buying another bottle.

Should you buy this product? If makeup slippage is a problem for you and you live in the US, where Skindinavia regularly offers free shipping, ordering a bottle of this spray is probably a good investment.

As for you Canadians, well, if you’re already used to buying beauty products from the US, you might as well add this one to your list. And if you’re not, how badly do you want your makeup to stay in place under the summer heat? Because if you want that, you probably want to check out this product.

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