Monday, June 25, 2012

Fekkai Salon Technician Color Care Rapid Results Moisture Mask

The whole point of this hair mask is to make your coloured hair look amazing. According to its product write-up, this mask, “…submerges hair in humectants and extracts to revive just-colored condition and silkiness" and, “…provides long lasting color brilliance."

So naturally I used it on hair that hasn’t been highlighted since March. Why I did this I do not know but because I went this route I can’t comment on whether or not this hair mask has any real impact on revitalizing hair colour.

However, I can easily say that this product does a wonderful job of transforming dull hair into hair that’s super-shiny and that feels and looks silky soft. It also did a fairly good job at taming frizz.

Compared to the Joico K-pak Revitaluxe Bio-advanced Restorative Treatment I tried out a few weeks, the Fekkai mask does a better job at leaving hair smooth and left my hair looking shinier for longer.  While I felt like I needed to use the Joico mask twice a week to keep up the shine levels, the Fekkai one is easily a once-a-week treatment.

Like the Joico product, the Fekkai mask works best if applied after hair has been shampooed and conditioned. However, I found that if I applied this mask, I could get away with skipping my usual post-wash MoroccanOil treatment.

Like most hair masks out there, this one is easy to apply and only needs about five minutes in the shower to work its magic.

Would I buy this product: Yes, especially if I can find it on sale since it normally retails for around $40 (yeah, it’s pricey).

Should you buy it: If you’re looking to add some shine to your hair, pick it up (ideally on sale).

*I received this product in my Luxe Box.*

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