Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Joico K-pak Revitaluxe Bio-advanced Restorative Treatment

This hair mask’s big claim, at according to its webpage, is that it, “Strengthens hair, making it over two times more resistant to breakage.” As someone with hair that’s prone to breaking, I was really intrigued by this.

However, after several uses, I’m still not sure if this claim is true or not. While my hair certainly looked healthier and happier after every use of this mask, I don’t know it was any stronger.

What I do know is that this product does deliver manageable hair that shines.  It claims to “Revitalize, nourish and repair” hair and while I don’t know about the “repair” part, it certainly does revitalize and nourish hair.

It does this thanks to something Joico calls a Keratin Peptide Complex, which contains, among other things, keratin amino acids, jojoba oil and aloe extract.

This complex is also supposed to reduce colour fade by 94% though since it’s been awhile since my hair’s been highlighted, I couldn’t fairly assess that claim.

While this product does pump up the shine levels, as well as increase softness, it didn’t do much to fight frizz (though to be fair, it doesn’t claim it will). It also seemed to have its great impact on my hair within the first 24 hours. After that, its results visibility diminished (which makes me wonder about its strengthening claim).

I tried this product out in a few different scenarios and discovered that it can’t replace conditioner (trying to replace that step with just the hair mask resulted in hair that looked like it needed conditioning) but did an OK job at replacing MoroccanOil (though those results were a bit frizzier than if I had used MoroccanOil).

Would I buy this product: Maybe. At $23 for a 150 ml tube, the price is right and do like the results, for the most part. But I have at least three other hair masks to try out so at this point in time, I really don’t know if I’ll be purchasing this product or not.

Should you buy it: Only pick this item up if frizz isn’t a big concern for you.

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