Saturday, June 9, 2012

Orlane B21 Oligo Vitalizing Scrub

Who doesn’t love a good face scrub? You know the kind; one that’s gritty but still gentle and results in skin that glows.

Orlane B21 Oligo Vitalizing Scrub is exactly that kind of scrub. It has a very fine grit that feels almost too gentle at first but then as you continue to rub it in you can feel it literally scrapping the dead skin off your face. By the end my face felt so fresh and clean and there was no redness, only glowing skin.

A closer look at my skin showed that sadly, this scrub didn’t clean out any blackheads but it did take care off a couple of small dry patches that I had.

According to the info sheet that came with my sample, this scrub, “Smoothes, refreshes, softens. Ensures effective yet gentle exfoliation.” While I didn’t notice any smoothing effects, my skin certainly felt soften and refreshed and overall, I feel that this product is both an effective and gentle exfoliator.

The info sheet also describes at some length the “science” (quotes mine) behind this product. Apparently it contains something called “the ‘cellular life’ complex,” an “…exclusive combination of seven minerals, eight trace minerals, 12 vitamins and 19 amino acids, all ingredients that can enhance the beauty of skin.”


Then it mentions how “the incredible effectiveness” of this complex “…has been confirmed by the most advanced scientific tests…” It doesn’t mention which peer-reviewed journals published those tests so I guess we just have to take Orlane’s words that this complex works.

My issue with this “complex” is that it’s in a scrub, something that touches your skin for maybe 30 seconds and then is washed away. Given that, how much of a difference can the “cellular life” complex really make?
While this product did make my skin temporarily feel and look great, those effects were just that, temporary and after using this product three times, I didn’t notice any real improvements.

Would I buy this product: While I do like this scrub, I don’t like its price, $42 for 75 ml. While it’s good, it’s not that good (plus the whole “cellular life” complex thing irritates me).

Should you buy it: If you have money, go for it. But if not, skip this scrub,

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