Friday, August 31, 2012

GOSH Nail Lacquer

A few weeks ago I attended a beauty product swap where I gave away many more items then I took home (which is fine, I really don’t need more stuff).  While I only grabbed a few items, one of them was a bottle of GOSH nail polish in Midnight Blue and right now, this is my favourite nail polish.

It’s everything that a good polish should be: It goes on smooth and consistently, it’s appropriately durable and it’s, of course, pretty.

GOSH boasts that its nail lacquers are “easy to apply” and, “Well covering, strong, and with a beautiful shiny and lasting finish. “ I also complete agree with almost all of these claims.

There’s no doubt that this polish is a breeze to apply. I used it on my feet and with the exception of my big toes, one coat provided the perfect amount of coverage.  Unlike some nail lacquers out there (I’m looking at you Essie), the consistency of my GOSH polish is on the thick side, which results in a product that stays where you put it and provides a more intense colour, in fewer coats (in this case, just one).

This isn’t a quick drying polish on its own but a couple quick pumps of Avon’s Nail Experts Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray fixes that and then within minutes I’m ready to show off my very lovely, and very shiny, new nails, which in the case of Midnight Blue, are a sharp shade of dark, but not too dark, blue.

Where I quibble with GOSH’s claims about its polish is the “lasting finish” part. I applied this product on my toes a week ago and while most toes still do look great, I did notice a few small chips on a couple of them. Also, the middle section of one of my big toes has somehow lost a noticeable chunk of polish. So yeah, not exactly long lasting. But really, a week with a few chips, especially during sandal-and-cottage season, isn’t bad (and no, I didn’t use a top coat, maybe next I will).

GOSH says that this product, “…is developed on the basis of the most recent cosmetic and environmental know-how within its type of products.” Yeah, not the clearest claim but that I think that GOSH is saying that its lacquers are made using the latest in nail polish technology. Or something.
One thing that is clear is that GOSH lacquers are formaldehyde and toulene- free.

Would I buy this again:
Yes! I have no idea why I haven’t tried out GOSH polishes before but I will certainly be picking up more in the future.

Should you buy it: Yes! The internet tells me that GOSH lacquers retail in the $10-$14, which is a great price for such a great product.

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