Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bourjous Rose Exclusif

On Tuesday, I posted about a lip gloss I love so it only makes that today I post about a gloss that I'm not crazy about: Bourjois’ Rose Exclusif.

This isn't a bad lip gloss, it’s just not for me and here’s why: While this gloss starts off clear, it reacts to your lip’s pH level (which, despite what Bourjois says, is not unique to your lips) and turns pink. Bourjois claims that you’ll end with, “…a bespoke pink to suit your skin tone!” but on me, this gloss turns a shade of pink that would have suited Barbie in 1985.

This is a very, very shiny lip gloss and that quality combined with the bright pink colour makes this product completely inappropriate for me to wear during the daytime and really, most evenings.

My other issue with this product is that it’s sticky feeling. Not only does it go on sticky, it stays feeling sticking for a good chunk of time afterwards.  Interestingly, Bourjois says on this product’s webpage that this gloss has a “non-sticky texture” that provides “maximum comfort”. While this gloss doesn't make my lips uncomfortable, it doesn't make them feel happy and healthy, the way Benefit’s Ultra Plush lip gloss does.

That same webpage mentions that this gloss is, “… good for your lips” due to its inclusion of vitamins E and C and that it provides lips with eight hours of moisture. While I don’t know if I got eight hours of moisture out of this product, I will say that it’s not drying or irritating.

While I might not like how this product looks on me, I do quite like the look and feel of its elegant packaging, as well as the little applicator brush, which lets you easily and precisely apply this gloss.

It’s also the best smelling lip gloss that I've ever sniffed. It’s sweet, but not sugary, and reminds me of pink lemonade. As odd as it sounds, if I could, I would buy that scent as a perfume.

Would I buy this product:
No, it just doesn't look good on me.

Should you buy it: If you’re looking for a super-shiny, pink-tinted gloss, this product might be for you. Because the shade of pink this gloss generates will vary from person to person, this item might actually look quite flattering on you. While this product only costs about $20, that’s still $20 so see if you can try this gloss out first before you buy it.

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