Monday, October 8, 2012

OSEA Red Algae Mask

On Saturday, I posted about OSEA, a new skincare line that I've been trying out. In addition to sending me a sample of the Ocean Cleansing Mudd, the nice people at OSEA also sent me a sample of their red algae mask.

Made with tons of natural ingredients, including USDA organic algae, red wine and vitamins E and C, this product claims to use a variety of antioxidants to help heal breakouts and purify pores.

Like most OSEA products, how you use it depends on your skin type. I have combination skin and that means I can use it as a regular mask as well as an overnight spot treatment.

First up, how it does as a mask.

My samples didn't come with any instructions on how long I should leave this product on for so one night I left it on for 10 minutes while another night it was closer to 20 because I forgot that it had it on. And that’s the first reason why I like this product as a face mask; it didn't feel like your usual mask. In fact, it felt like I had nothing on my face at all.

It also washed off a lot easier than your typical face mask and left me with impressively soft, bright skin. And while I can’t say that it purified my pores, it certainly did clean some of them out. Overall, this was an above-average face mask that also smells amazing, like as if OSEA was somehow able to bottle the scent of a really high-end spa.

So if this product works fantastically as a mask, it must be just as good at fighting pimples, right? Sadly, no.

I applied this product to several pimples, on several different nights and always ended up with the same results: My skin looked amazing in the morning, with the pimples visibly in retreat, but by the evening, the inflammation and redness had returned in full force.  While using this product did seem to stop existing spots from getting worse, it didn’t actually do anything to make them go away, nor did it prevent new ones from forming.

My contact at OSEA recommended adding a bit of the Ocean Cleansing Mudd to the mask, to ramp up its pimple-fighting power, but unfortunately that addition didn't seem to make any difference.

It’s too bad that this product doesn't do better as a spot treatment because in addition to having a great scent and feeling like nothing on my skin, it also almost looked like nothing on my skin. It dried to a matter matte finish that was just a touch darker than my natural skin tone and basically made me look like I was wearing concealer that just wasn't the right shade. While I wouldn't wear this product outside the house, I would have no problems with answering the door while I had it on.

Would I buy this product: No. While this product is a great face mask, I can’t justify spending $48 on something I might use three times a month. Now, had this item successfully fought off my pimples I would happily fork over that kind of money.

Should you buy it: If you’re looking for a treat-yourself-type product then do take a closer look at OSEA Red Algae Mask. While it might not fight pimples, it does make for a truly luxurious face mask.

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