Saturday, January 12, 2013

nails inc. Magnetic Nail Polish

As you can see from the photos below, my first attempt at using magnetic nail polish has produced some so-so results. However, I think the blame for these results falls more on me than this product and that with a few more uses, I’ll get pretty starbursts on all of my nails (okay, most of them).

nail inc. does include instructions for this product though I didn't completely understand them until I actually started doing my nails. The instructions tell you to “apply one coat,” let it sit for two-three minutes, apply a thick coat and then “immediately hold magnet over nail while polish is still wet.”

This is opposite to the way I usually apply my polish and I'm sure it impacted the results. I also smudged nail polish on the actual magnet, something I didn't notice until after I was done my nails.

Smudging nail polish on the magnet can be avoided by properly using the small plastic ledge that sits at one end of the magnetic lid. This is actually a great little tool if you use it to properly position the magnet over thick, wet polish.

While this polish’s starburst effect does provide “instant WOW factor,” to quote its web page, I actually don’t mind my messed up results. They still look pretty and are certainly an effect that I couldn't product freehand.

It helps that this is just a great polish that looks amazing even if you don’t run a magnet over it. The colour is vivid, with just the right amount of metallic shine and I love the elegant navy colour that I picked up (it’s called The Strand).

How it should look and how it ended up looking
Despite being a magnetic polish, this product goes on really easily, smoothly and consistently. Unfortunately, it’s not the most durable nail polish I've ever worn. It started chipping in a couple spots within 24 hours and unlike my messed up starbursts, the chips do not look pretty. I didn't use a topcoat because I worried about the topcoat altering the look of the starburst. However, now that I know that this polish is prone to chipping, I will definitely be applying a topcoat the next time I decide to wear this polish (which will probably be next week because I really do like how it looks).

Would I buy this product again: At $18 US a bottle (on Sephora’s site anyway), this polish isn't cheap. But it does look great on there are some other great colour options out there. So yeah, I can see myself picking up another bottle of this product.

Should you buy it:
If you want eye-catching nails and are okay with the $18 price tag and not-so-long last results, then yes, pick this item up.


  1. I picked up a teal magnetic with the wavy pattern from Sephora for only $7!!! I just applied it yesterday without a topcoat and it's chipping like mad. But I love love love the effect. :) xx

  2. I usually use the Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color with only $4. I love the brown color and the wave it takes in my nails.

  3. Oh, those are both great prices!