Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Useful Articles isn't a site that I associate with beauty articles but recently they ran two pieces that any beauty product junkie is going to want to read.

The first is about how to have the best beauty swap ever. While most of the info in it is pretty obvious (have a co-host, offer booze), I was impressed by the instructions for a cleaning station. The author also makes very good argument for not organizing products by type since everything will get mixed together once the swapping starts.

And speaking of being organized, the second article is made of 14 different ways to organize one’s makeup. My favourite two ideas are the magnetic beauty board (such a smart and easy idea) and the vanity table made out of IKEA items.

Unfortunately, my current living arrangements don’t allow me to try either way out but one day, when I have more space, I’ll spend a weekend turning those two ideas into realities.

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