Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lisa’s Cosmetics Spring Warehouse Sale

Attention hardcore beauty junkies: This weekend marks the start of three weeks of crazy deals at Lisa’s Cosmetics spring warehouse sale. Dozens of big brands will be available, including Elizabeth, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, Marcelle, Aveeno and many, many more, at up to 80% off (key details are available after the jump).

I will not be attending this event because I am not hardcore enough. I'm told that just to get into this sale can easily take an hour and once you’re in, it’s elbows-out. While I don’t mind crowds, I hate lines and I hate rudeness and I'm told by veterans of this sale has a lot of both. Plus it’s way up in Markham (1380 Redick Road).

But if you are hardcore, this sale could result in quite the haul for you. To see what other people have picked up at past sales, check out these Google results.

And good luck if you do plan on going!

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  1. Usually only takes 20-30 minutes for line up each time I go :/