Sunday, April 14, 2013

Make Up Forever’s Make Up Bag Remix Event

Yesterday afternoon I checked out Make Up Forever’s Make Up Bag Remix event, which was held inside a giant, fully MUFE-branded trailer parked outside Yorkdale Mall. While it was not quite what I was expecting, overall it was a very positive and very educational experience.

According to the promo material for this event, I was to show up with a bag full of my own beauty products so that one of MUFE’s makeup pros could evaluate my collection and “…teach (me) how to properly use what (I) already own, regardless of the brand, as well as overhaul products that are the wrong shade or texture in a 30 minute complimentary consultation.” This isn't exactly what I experienced.

My Bag Remix session started with me filling out a form where I listed what products I was currently using. Then I was seated at one of the 10+ vanities and introduced to my makeup artist, a very friendly and talent woman whose name I have completely forget.

We talked a little bit about what I was using as well as what I hoped to learn from her. Then she got to work, applying MUFE products to my face while telling me exactly what she was doing and answering any questions I had.

At no point did she look at the products I’d brought, nor did she even ask about them. And personally, I was okay with that. Sure, a MUFE-makeover isn't what I thought I’d be getting but I've always wanted to really try out the brand and the results looked great so I can’t complain (however, I can get how some people might be disappointed that they weren't taught how to use their existing products).

\My eye makeup 
My makeup artist did teach me a couple of really useful things including how to best cover a blemish
(apply a heavy-duty foundation and then blend in the edges but don’t touch the centre) and how to properly apply colour along the edge of the lower-lid eyelash (the trick is to use a tiny brush, something I haven’t been doing). She also showed me how to fatten my top lip up by applying lip liner just on the outside. That trick, one I've been shown before, did look great from a distance but up-close it looked fake and cheesy (especially after some, but not all, of the lip liner rubbed off).

Lip liner aside, my makeup looked fabulous and it stayed that way until I washed it off. And to give me a fighting chance at recreating my look, my makeup artist did up a face chart that lists the products she used, as well as application tricks.

Now for what most of you are wondering about: What kind of free samples did I receive? Sadly, I didn't get anything. However, according to some of the chatter about this event that I read on Facebook, other participants did get freebies, everything from sample-sized products to assorted sample-containing tote bags. Someone online did mention that Sephora ran out of the MUFE totes at some point in the afternoon so I'm guessing the bags ran out before my session was wrapped up (that or someone just forget to give me the redemption card).

If the Make Up Bag Remix tour ever comes back to Toronto I think I’ll book another appointment but next time I’ll book it a little earlier so that I have a better chance at freebies.

Oh, I did end up picking up a bottle of MUFE’s Mat Velvet Matifying foundation and yes, I’ll be sure to post a review on it.

The makeup bag I brought

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