Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My New Beauty Box Plan

Last week I mentioned that I was going to renew my Luxe Box subscription for another year. Then I started reading about what other people reviewed in the spring boxes. While my box wasn't very exciting, it was practical and did contain samples that I will use. But some people, quite a few people actually, ended up with boxes that well, sucked. Meanwhile, a few lucky people received amazing boxes that contained multiple full-size products.

While I get that there will be some sample variation based on people’s profiles, Luxe Boxes seem to vary a lot from person to person. This has been an issue with the company since I received my first box, back in December of 2011, and it’s one I hoped would be improved with the switch to the quarterly format but nope, it persists (if anything, it might be worse since now people get more products in a box). I really feel that it’s just a matter of time before I receive a box that’s all repeats and foil packets. 

So instead of renewing for a year, I'm just going to get a semi-annual subscription. At the same time, I've joined the waiting list for TopBox. While the quality of TopBoxes can also vary, the company does offer a very similar mix of brands as Luxe Box. But unlike Luxe Box, the variations between the boxes are much, much smaller.

If I could, I would completely ditch Luxe Box and just go with TopBox but there is currently a waiting list to be a TopBox member and it might be some time before I get to sign up. So that’s why I'm re-joining Luxe Box for the half year, so that I can at least get a couple more beauty boxes this year.

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