Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kaia 24 Hr Booster Serum

I'm not big on booster serums for moisturizers; why not just get a better moisturizer? But I received a bottle of this serum by Toronto-based skincare company Kaia in my Beauty Board swag board and I decided to give it a shot because it makes some pretty impressive claims that, if true, could make this product a must-own.

Made with argan and moringa oils, "the most nutrient dense in the world" (says the packaging), this product markets itself as a "2 in 1 skincare and primer" that delivers "100% matte finish, velvet texture" and "no shine."

I started using this serum almost daily since mid-May, usually mixing it into another moisturizer, as per the instructions on the bottle. I've also tried applying it directly to my face. So I've been using this serum for quite some time now but despite that, I still can't make up my mind on it.

I can say that this product doesn't do double-duty as a primer and that it doesn't completely eliminate shine. However, on its own, it did do a reasonable job of mattifying my skin and sure, I'll even say that it gave my skin a "velvet texture." But once I mixed it in with a moisturizer, well, then that mattifying effect was really reduced.

Kaia says that this serum is ideal for people with dry skin. While I sometimes get dry patches, I don't have dry skin. Because of that, I feel like this product's moisture boosting powers were wasted on me.

A few times I did try applying it directly to a dry patch before bed and almost every time, that dry patch was gone come morning. So yes, I do think that this serum does pack a moisturizing punch. But is it a punch that I need? I'm still not entirely sold.

Maybe I'll be more impressed by this product come the fall, when the less humid weather means drier skin. I have no doubt that my 30 ml bottle of this booster will last me until then, because this is one of those products where a little goes a long way. It helps that this serum is packaged with a medicine dropped built into the lid, allowing for more controlled application.

It's also packaged in a glass bottle, which doesn't exactly make this product travel-friendly. But at least it looks great.

This product also smells great; it has almost a citrus-y scent that's just a touch on the sweet side. And I didn't have any issues with it interfering with my makeup or causing irritations or blemishes.

Like any indie skincare product, tracking this item down can be tricky. Kaia does have a list of retailers on its site, mostly small shops that specialize in nature and green products, and it does sell its products, including the serum, online. There it retails for $36; not cheap but not out of line for a locally made, natural product.

Will I buy this product: Right now I'm thinking no but maybe that will change come the fall. However,  I have a feeling that while this might be a good product, it might just not be right for me.

Should you buy this product: If you have dry skin, or only want to use gluten-free products, then yes, this product might be right for you. And if you're big into locally produced, cruelty-free, nature-heavy skincare, check out Kaia's complete skincare line (I tried out the bamboo facial cleansing clothes at the Beauty Board and they were great).

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