Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Semi-no Buy

What comes up if you Google "pile of beauty products." I
was too lazy to create my own pile.
This weekend we finally unpacked our final box. Its contents were more books, more beauty products
and the majority of my perfumes. While I knew that I hadn’t yet unpacked my perfumes, the beauty products were a surprise and left me re-arranging, yet again, my beauty product storage.

It also made me release that I need to have a no-buy period.

If you read a lot of beauty blogs, you’re likely already familiar with the term “no-buy.” For those of you who aren’t beauty junkies, “no-buy” means exactly what you think it means: It’s a period of time during which someone doesn’t buy a single beauty product.

In my case, I’m actually going to go on a semi-no buy until the end of the year. The reason why I’m using the term “semi” is because:
  1. I'm not giving up my monthly Topbox subscription. However, my Luxe Box one might be going.
  2. I’m planning on checking out the big L’Oreal private sale in October. While I’ll likely be mostly shopping for other people, I might pick up a couple items for myself.
  3. I have a bunch of Shoppers gift cards that I’m planning to use in October when hopefully Shoppers will do what it did last year and run both its beauty bonus promo and a 20 times the Optimum points event over the same weekend. Doing this will get me some new stuff and push me past the 95,000 points mark, which I’ll then redeem during super-redemption weekend in November.
But while I’m not doing a true no-buy, I am going to not do any impulse or unnecessary shopping. This means that there will be no just popping into Sephora and when I do go to the L’Oreal sale or Shoppers, I’ll only get stuff I need, like shampoo or face wash.  So sorry fun nail polishes and eye shadows, you’re just going to have to wait until the New Year.

I’m not really looking forward to my no-buy period but it needs to be done. I just have too much stuff and, since I’m now also looking for a job, I don’t exactly have the same amount of disposable income.  

I’m hoping that by January, I’ll have a new job and can celebrate it and the end of my no-buy period with a mini, and I do mean mini, shopping spree.

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