Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Avon Mega Effects Mascara

“Maybe I’m applying it incorrectly,” I thought as I swept this mascara on and once again ended up with
messy, clumpy spider lashes.

That sounds like an odd thing to say about a mascara but then this just isn’t any mascara. It’s Avon’s Mega Effects Mascara, a “breakthrough” product that uses a special “Wonderbrush” to provide “lash transformation.” Instead of being your usual round-brush-in-a-tube, the Wonderbrush is more like a row of bristles that fit into a rectangular-shaped container that's filled wit the actual mascara formula. In order to get the brush out of this container, you have to wiggle it from side-to-side.

It’s this wiggling motion that I think I’m doing wrong. According to Avon, this mascara is supposed to be giving me lashes that are “darker, denser and more dramatic” but I’m not quite getting that. While this mascara certainly does make my lashes visibly bigger, its messy nature doesn’t make them prettier.

I think the problem is that too much of the formula is ending up on the Wonderbrush because I’m not wiggling the brush correctly (or the design is flawed). Then, when I go to apply it, it comes off in clumps that stick my lashes together.

I’ve discovered that while I can’t seem to do anything to prevent my first eye from having messy lashes, I can end up with big-but-pretty lashes around my other eye if I don’t dip the mascara brush back into its box. It seems that using it on one eye first sort of cleans up the brush, resulting in fairly clump-free lashes around the other eye.

However, even then things still aren’t perfect. Avon says that this mascara, “provides a clump-proof, sweat-proof, non-flaking and non-smudging experience” but that’s not what I found. While this product certainly was resistant to smudging and sweat, it did flake, it did clump and by the end of the day, my lashes were looking stiff and not that great.

I received this item in my August Topbox and while I’m not impressed with this mascara, I am glad that it showed up in one of my beauty boxes since I was curious about it and its new take on mascara. It being included in my Topbox meant that I got to try it out without having to fork out $10 for it.

Will I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: I recommend skipping it. Sure, maybe I just wasn’t wiggling the wand probably but with so many great mascaras already out there, why go for one that requires so much work?

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