Thursday, November 28, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm

Revlon_Colorburst_Lacquer_Balm_TeaseNow, don’t get me wrong, I love getting free stuff to try out. But I really wish that whenever I received free products, whether directly from a company or in a swag bag, that there was some accompanying literature that at minimum, contained a suggested retail price and a link to where I can find out more details about a product.

Case in point: The Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm crayon I received in my Spark Sessions gift bag. While that bag was packed with great stuff, didn’t contain any info on the products I was given, which is kind of annoying because some products, like this Revlon lip balm don’t have their own web page.

While I did find some reviews from mostly US bloggers on this product, I didn’t come across any sort of official info on this balm. As a result, I don’t know what exactly this item is supposed to do, beyond the obvious.

So let’s focus on that, the obvious.

Revlon_Colorburst_Lacquer_Balm_TeaseThe colour I received is called Tease. It’s an orangey shade that I was initially afraid of but then I tried it on and loved it. While the colour looks intense, it actually goes on somewhat sheer. The result is just enough colour to add some interest and dimension to your lips. It also adds a bit of shine, but isn’t what I would consider a gloss (and I guess neither does Revlon, since it does call this product a lip balm).

Besides loving the colour, I also love the format this colour comes in. It’s basically a chunky crayon that allows for quick, easy and precise application. The packaging is plastic but it feels pretty solid and is rather eye-catching, due to its shininess. It also has a twist-up bottom that pushes up more product, so there’s no need to sharpen it.

Texture-wise, this balm is smooth and very lightweight, with absolutely no stickiness. While I didn’t find it moisturizing, it also didn’t dry out my lips. It did though leave them smelling, and even faintly tasting, minty. That scent was a bit of surprise but I think it’s one that most people will like.

But one feature that I don’t think anyone will like is this balm’s weak staying power. I would apply it, it would look great, then an hour later I would look in the mirror and its barely visible. And forget about this balm surviving a meal or even a drink. Thankfully, due to that crayon-like packaging, it’s easy to re-apply.

Based on the info posted in other people’s reviews, these balms seem to retail for between $7 and $9 US. They also appear to be a fairly new item in US stores. I tried tracking this product down in my local Shoppers Drugmart and it didn’t have it.  Maybe Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms haven’t officially launched yet in Canada? If so, that’s fine, but I just wish Revlon had included a note in our Spark Session swag bags.

Would I buy this product: Depending on the Canadian price, yes, I might. I’m not usually one for loud lips so the sheerness of this item is really appealing to me, as is how easy it is to apply.

Should you buy this product: Yes but only if you understand what this product is delivering: Sheer colour that while pretty, isn’t long-lasting.

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