Monday, December 23, 2013

Masker Aide All Nighter

Masker_Aide_All_Nighter_reviewI’ve wanted to try out a Masker Aide facial sheet mask ever since I first read about the innovative (for North America) brand sometime last year.  I was hoping that one might turn up in one of my beauty box subscriptions but no luck. So I was quite happy to discover one of these masks inside my Spark Sessions swag bag.

Masker Aide offers six versions of these masks and the one I received is called All Nighter. As you might have guessed from the name, it’s designed to, “awaken, refresh and replenish your skin.” To do this, it relies on such ingredients as, “aloe, argan oil, heartleaf (a powerful detoxifier), honey, super fruit and cactus extracts.” What is super fruit? No idea; perhaps that’s the result of some kind of translation issue (the masks are made in Korea, where sheet masks have been popular for several years now).

Another ingredient is peppermint oil, which has been tossed it to help wake you up. Masker Aide also says that this mask possesses “cooling effects” that “will help de-puff and awaken your eyes.”

While this mask is designed to be used the morning after a wild night, I chose to use it after a rather uneventful night at home. My skin wasn’t looking its greatest and with a big party coming up on the weekend, I wanted to see if maybe this product could improve things.

But before I could see the results, I had to first put on the mask. What makes Masker Aide masks different from conventional face masks is that they are thin, mask-shaped pieces of fabric that are soaked with a serum. Each packet contains one mask that must be unfolded before it can be put on your face.

I was convinced that I was going to tear my mask as I unfolded it but it was actually tougher than I expected. It was also crazy cold. This mask definitely has a “cooling effect” that did “awaken” my skin and myself. And while puffy eyes weren’t an issue for me, I can see how this mask, which should be left on for 10-20 minutes, would reduce any puffiness.

As for “refresh and replenish,” yeah, for a couple hours, my skin did look brighter and happier, while having the bonus benefit of also feeling like silk. And immediately following the removal of the mask, any dry spots were gone (though they did return). But by the afternoon, things were back to normal.

I can see how, if you had a rough night and an early morning appointment, this mask could come in handy. Yes, the results will be temporary but hey, maybe that’s all you need.

Masker Aide masks retail online for $5.99, which is a bit expensive in my mind for a one-use product that doesn’t product all day results. But maybe one of the other options are more effective. Besides being available online, the masks can be picked up at a number of retail stores.

All of the masks are bio-degradable and free of various crap, including artificial fragrances and sulfates. However, the mask I received did contain alcohol, which can be drying, as well as peppermint oil, which can be an irritant. While neither of these ingredients bothered my face, I also don’t have sensitive skin. If you do, you might want to skip the All Nighter mask and carefully check out the ingredient list on any of the others.

Would I buy this product: Right now my (boring) lifestyle doesn’t require the All Nighter but I might check out one of the options, if I came across them in a store.

Should you buy this product: If you don’t have sensitive skin, and you sometimes have late nights followed by early mornings, you will likely enjoy this product. It certainly will wake you up.

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