Friday, January 24, 2014

Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo & L’Oreal’s Power Moisture Conditioner

Dove_Nutritive_Solutions_Daily_Moisture_Shampoo_review_hair_shiny_greatAre you a brand snob? Or a firm believer that a low price tag equals a low quality product? If so, stop reading now because you’re not going to enjoy this review; it's all

I’ve been using Dove’s Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo and L’Oreal’s Power Moisture Conditioner for close to two months now and my hair is looking fantastic. It’s soft, it’s shiny and I think it’s even a little less frizzy around my crown. Between the results of these products and the excellent highlights I received last month, my hair is looking better than it has in years.

Dove and L’Oreal both have their own “science-y” explanations for why these products work. In the former’s case, there’s a “Pro-Moisture Complex, which goes to the cellular level” while the latter is “enriched with Hyaluronate to infuse moisture deep into the hair fibres and lock it in while Arginine-K Complex helps penetrate.”

Both the shampoo and the conditioner are aimed at those of us with normal-to-dry-hair. Initially I was worried that since these items are all about moisture, they would weigh down my hair. To prevent that from happening, I do periodically use Husband’s Herbal Essences “normal-hair” shampoo in lieu of the Dove product. This approach seems to work since I have ended up with, as per Dove's claims, “…beautifully moisturized (hair) without excess residue or weighing it down.”

Dove also says that this shampoo should give me “touchably-smooth and easy-to-manage hair every day” and that’s exactly the case.  I love how this product makes my hair feel.

L’Oreal_Power_Moisture_Conditioner_review_hair_shiny_smooth_great Of course, that feeling isn’t just because of the shampoo; the conditioner is also playing a role. L’Oreal boasts that its product, “instantly infuses moisture,” leaving hair, “soft, beautifully shiny and hydrated over time.” Again, I agree with all of that.

Both of these products are very much your classic “drugstore” brands. The packaging isn’t pretty, some of the ingredients are to be frowned on (both items contain PEGs) and neither is from “prestige” labels. But while these products aren’t fancy, they do work.

They’re also cheap, each running around $5. Roll your eyes all you want brand snobs at those numbers but I’ll happily take them.

Would I buy these products again: Definitely.

Should you buy these products: If your hair is on the dry side then yes! These products work and they leave you with more cash for other things.

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  1. I use the pro naturals shampoo and conditioner, and to me, those two, made from argan oil, are the best!