Thursday, January 16, 2014

My January 2014 Topbox

I got the Benefit Prive Topbox! Yeh!

For those of you not familiar with beauty subscription service Topbox, most months the company offers the option of a “Prive” Topbox. These boxes contain samples produced by a specific brand and what those samples will be is listed in advance. If you’re interested in a particular month’s Prive boxes (sometimes multiple brands are available), you let Topbox know and then you hope that you get your selection instead of your regular, mystery Topbox.

The Benefit box is the first Prive box that I’ve ever signed up for so I was really, really hoping that I would get it. That I did just earned Topbox some big points.

So what was in my Benefit Prive Topbox? All of these items:

  • The POREfessional (3 ml)
  • Benetint (2.5 ml)
  • Total Moisture Facial Cream (8.9 g)
  • BADgal Lash Mascara (40 g)
  • Fakeup (swatch sample)

See why I wanted that box? It’s packed with great stuff! And, if all of those samples weren't enough, there's a Shoppers Drugmart/Murale Optimum points bonus coupon that will get me 3,000 extra points if I purchase full-size versions of any of the samples before the end of the month.

The item I’m most excited about is the facial cream, since my experience with Pure+Simple's Skin Drink wasn’t as great as I was hoping it would be. But really, I’m looking forward to trying out all of the products other than POREfessional, which I already have (and yes, I need to write a review about it).

I also love this month’s packaging, which celebrates Chinese New Year and the year of horse. I will definitely be keeping this tube and hopefully finding a place where I can show it off.

Topbox will be sending around February’s Prive box options next week. I’m curious what will be available this time around. Personally, I’d love to see a Make Up For Ever or Smashbox box.


  1. I had a really similar experience with my topbox! I usually don't go for the Prive one but this time it was different.

    I don't think I got the Shopper's 3000 point option like you did, where was it found??

    I like the overall picture you took of the products - I took a much messier shot haha. But if others want to see individual shots I posted some too.

    Guess I can't cancel mine quite yet. Oh and Make Up For Ever would be great, if the sample wasn't just a tiny swab (I like receiving products that actually have something substantial in them).

  2. The coupon was tucked in with the product card. It's a separate card. Hopefully they didn't forget to give you one! And yes, any future samples should be "deluxe" in nature. I think you should always be able to get at least three uses out of a sample.

    Thanks for the comment and for sharing your blog with me!

  3. I got the same, super excited to try everything out!