Tuesday, January 28, 2014

theBalm Instain Blush

Swiss Dot
I am not a blush girl. I think it’s because most blushes just look so artificial on my pasty-practically-transparent skin. So I was very happy to discover that theBalm’s Instain blush in Swiss Dot actually looks good on me.

Available in six shades, this “long-wearing, staining powder blush is a fashion must have,” or at least that’s that theBalm claims and I’m actually incline to agree. This blush does indeed last the workday and for me, Swiss Dot provides a natural-looking stain of colour that just works.

While Swiss Dot is on the coral side, other colours are pinker or darker. theBalm says that these colours are “perfect for all seasons and skin tones” and while I’m sure that’s not 100% true, if you’ve ever had issues finding the right shade of blush, Instain is a great place to start.

This is a pressed blush, which makes it bag-and-travel friendly. Application is easy though to get a sheer look, it should be done with a light hand since this is a fairly pigmented product.

I also really like the packaging. While my blush is actually a deluxe sample that I received in one of my Topboxes, I have seen the full-sized version.  The cute, cardboard packaging in actual quite durable and features a built-in mirror and a magnetic closure.

This blush retails for around $22 and can be found at NailPolishCanada.com, among other retailers.

Would I buy it: Yes! While my sample will likely last me months (a little goes a long way), I will pick up a full-sized version once it’s gone.

Should you buy it: Yes! This a fantastic, user-friendly blush that even people who don’t like blush will love.

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