Monday, February 10, 2014

Spark Sessions Workshops

Last November, I attended Spark Sessions, Toronto’s first ever beauty and fashion blogger conference. It was a great experience that was well organized and very informative.

While plans are in the works for a second Spark Sessions conference, the ladies behind that event are currently branching out into hosting theme-specific workshops. These one-day events will cover photography on April 5, SEO on June 14 and media kits on August 16. Each event costs just over $70 to attend, includes lunch and is limited to only 30 people (sorry, no word on whether or not these events including an amazing swag bag).

I’m thinking of attending the SEO workshop. SEO is one of those topics that are consistently evolving and I have no doubt that I could learn a ton from this event. The November conference featured a session on SEO and as odd as this sounds, it was the session that I think attendees got the most out of. Nicki Lamont was the presenter and if she’s leading the Jne workshop, it should be incredibly practical and surprisingly interesting.

I haven’t bought my ticket yet as that June 14 date might be an issue for me. But I’m hoping to have that sorted sooner rather than later and once I know what’s going on that weekend, I’ll get a ticket (assuming of course that one’s still available).

The photography one also looks pretty good and is one that I could get a lot out of though it requires that you have Photoshop, something I don’t have (yeah, you can get a free trial but that’s not a long-term solution). But if you have Photoshop and feel you aren’t getting the most out of it, that workshop might be for you.

I love that Spark Sessions is expanding into workshops. They are a great way to quickly learn about a particular topic and I think that a lot of people, not just beauty and fashion bloggers, would find them useful. I hope that all three workshops are a success and that they become a regular thing.

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  1. Toronto is becoming the go-to place for conference lately. I know that Exposure and Profit and Blogging Concentrated are there this year. May have to move up there and live for a few months.