Friday, March 7, 2014

Darphin Predermine Densifying Anti-wrinkle Cream

Darphin_Predermine_Densifying_Anti_wrinkle_Cream_October_Topbox_review I received my sample of this “anti-wrinkle and soothing” cream in my October 2013 Topbox, That box, which contained four anti-aging products, was my first disappointing Topbox. I was hoping that maybe once I started using the Darphin cream, I would be so amazed by the results that I would end up changing my mind on my October box. Unfortunately, that's not been the case.

I’ve now been using this cream for close to six weeks, usually twice a day. While I concentrated its use on my forehead, where I have a couple of fine lines, over the past few weeks, I’ve also been applying it all over my face as I’ve run out of my regular face moisturizer and have been too lazy too pick more up.

With the exception of those forehead lines, my face doesn’t really appear to need an anti-aging product so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice this product, “visibly densif(y) and firm skin for a plumper appearance. And while I do think this cream did a good job at helping to “replenish moisture,” I saw no evidence that it was, “renew(ing) skin's elasticity, resilience and wrinkle-resistance.”

According to Darphin, this cream is supposed to achieve all those quoted results and more thanks to its use of, “a powerful Peptide complex, Hyaluronic Acidspheres, Iris and Padina pavonica extracts.” Personally, I was most interested in whether or not this cream would have any impact on my forehead lines. Darphin says that it should, stating that all those fancy ingredients help to, “reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.” But after six weeks of use, my forehead lines don’t look any different.

Now, they don’t look any worst, maybe this cream is helping to pause things, but it’s done nothing to reduce or improve their appearance. Those results aren’t too surprising to me; once a line appears, it’s pretty much impossible to make it go away using a topical product.

However, I was hoping that this cream might have some kind of immediate, but short-term, impact on my forehead lines. Those are results that are entirely possible though not, as I discovered, with this cream. Applying this product did leave my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and I completely agree with Darphin that this is a “velvety light” cream. It also absorbs quickly and cleanly. But it does nothing to visibly plump up or fill in my forehead lines.

While part of me is disappointed by the results of this product, another part is happy because this cream retails for $152 for 50 ml. No, that’s not a typo, this product really costs $152. If it had worked, I don’t know if I could have afforded it.

Thankfully, that’s not a dilemma I’ll have to deal with. Yes, this is a great feeling product that also smells nice and is packaged in a pretty, though open-topped, container. But it’s also not a very effective product, making it easy to answer the following question.

Will I buy this product: No.

Should you buy this product: No.

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