Monday, July 21, 2014

24clearit Active Exfoliating Cleanser

24clearit_Active_Exfoliating_Cleanser_acneSometimes it pays to delay a blog post. I’d originally intended to write this blog post over a week ago but then life (really work) continued to be busy and I didn’t have time to write this post until Sunday, July 20. But that’s turned out to be a good thing because I now have a much better sense of how this product works.

I received this facial cleanser back in my March 2014 Topbox as part of a 24clearit trial kit. I wrote this review about three other products found in that box—the toner, the day cream and the night cream—but not the cleanser as I had temporarily lost it (I found it a few weeks ago under a bathroom skin). I wasn’t wowed by the results as the creams didn’t do much while the toner irritated my skin.

Because of that experience, I didn’t have high hopes for the cleanser, a product that “aims proven micronized benzoyl peroxide down into pores to kill acne-causing bacteria while microbeads gently exfoliate away dead skin, dirt, oil and make-up, allowing better penetration of AM and PM treatments.” 24clearit recommends using this product day and night but because of my experience with the toner, and because right over the past few weeks I’ve just been dealing with the odd pimple and one annoying whitehead, I just used this product at night. Much to my surprise, it seemed to be working.

I had stopped using the toner but used the night cream as necessary and it, combined with nightly used of this cleanser, seemed to be clearing up my skin. While there was sometimes some flaking on/around a pimple I was treating, it was always mild and there was no other irritation.

But while my skin didn’t mind this product, I can’t say the same about my bathroom towels. Because of the inclusion of 2.5 per cent benzoyl peroxide, this product can bleach any fabrics that it comes in touch with (if you use items that contain that ingredient, I recommend using them alongside a towel that you don’t mind ruining).

But hey, it seemed to work and it felt great on my skin. This creamy cleanser includes some kind of super-fine exfoliator that delivers a nice massaging feeling. That feeling also makes you think that this product is indeed removing dead skin cells. Based on the “smooth, healthy-looking glow” my skin had after I used this product, I do believe that it does get rid of some of those dead cells but, as I now know, it’s not getting rid of all of them.

Had I written this post when I had originally planned to, I’d be saying right now that this an effective cleanser that works nicely to minimize blemishes but the past week has changed my mind. This product seems to have stopped working.

Since last weekend, a couple of new pimples have popped up as have numerous clogged pores. I’ve started adding the toner back into my routine and while it seems to be working on the pimples, it’s not impacting the clogged pores, which are best dealt with by manual extraction.

If the weather was more humid or I was more active or had otherwise changed my routine, I would be tempted to blame that but nothing has changed other than the effectiveness of this cleanser. It still feels quite nice and it does leave my skin soft feeling and glowing but it also leaves in congested pores and pimples.

Would I buy this product: No, not anymore.

Should you buy this product: In my previous post of the 24clearit line I mentioned that people with regular acne might want to try out the trial kit, which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. But after seeing how this cleanser doesn’t quite do the job on my handful of pimples, I think you should just skip the whole system.

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