Friday, November 21, 2014

Agave Oil Healing Oil Treatment

I love agave in my belly (in the form of an ice margarita) and now, thanks to this product, I also appreciate it in my hair.

One of my recent deluxe samples from Sephora was a packet of Agave Oil’s Healing Oil Treatment. When I first saw it, I thought I might get two, maybe three uses out of the package. But, since a little of this oil goes a long way, I was able to use this product roughly five times. And each of those times I got excellent results.

Agave Oil says that this product, “Smoothes, restores & transforms unmanageable frizzy hair” and yep, that’s pretty much what it did. While my hair isn’t quite at the “unmanageable frizzy” level, I do have some issues with frizz around my crown. This oil did a nice job at taming that frizz, at least for a good chunk of the day (while this might sound like a flaw with this oil, I've never found any hair product that manages to do away with frizz from morning to night).

It also added plenty of shine and softness, leaving my hair looking and feeling nice and healthy.

The Sephora product page for this item says that, “the hydrating and color-restoring sugars of the agave plant” work to “boost vibrancy and color.” I didn’t notice a change in the colour or vibrancy of my hair but I’m okay with that, I don’t really want a hair oil that alters the colour of my hair.

That same page, as well as Agave Oil’s write-up on this product, emphasizes how this product is all about keeping things light. The latter write-up states that this item’s “non-greasy, lightweight formula is ideal for all hair types.” While there is no question that this product is an oil, it never left my hair feeling oily, greasy or anything other than soft and silky.

I even tried applying a larger-than-normal dollop (a loonie-size instead of the usual not-quite-a-quarter-sized amount) and my hair was still light, breezy and grease-free. Because of that I agree that this oil, “conditions hair with a light touch.” It also conditioned my hair with a light, pleasant fragrance.

This oil retails at $40 for 4 oz, making it a better bargain than the similar Moroccanoil. It comes packaged in a convenient pump bottle.

Would I buy this product: Yeah, I might. It works, the price is appropriate and it’s easy to use.

Should you buy this product: If you’re a fan of hair oils, but don’t like how some of them can weight down your hair, than the answer is an easy yes.

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