Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

Often times, I start using a product before I read the claims on its web page. This is the course I took with eyeko’s Black Magic mascara and, until I looked this item up online, I had a pretty positive opinion of it. Then I read claims such as, “Designed for after-hours seduction, our ultimate mascara creates drama, volume and curl…” and “Transform your lashes with the power of Black Magic!” I had to check, was I reading about the same product I was using?

Because I found that while this mascara was good, it didn’t bring any kind of wow factor and it certainly didn’t “…create a faux lash effect in just 2 coats.” Instead, I found that while this mascara did indeed provide “…clump-free, thicker, longer lashes with long-lasting curl and hold,” it did so on the pretty-and-daytime-appropriate level. And that’s completely fine, we need mascaras like that.

What’s not so fine is the hype about this mascara providing drama, something that just didn’t happen on my lashes. Had I bought this product expecting dramatic, amazing lashes, I would have been pissed to discover that this, “Designed for after-hours seduction…” mascara was actually perfect for the office and that, “Intense carbon black colour “ was really just regular black (and no, not a noticeably shiny or sparkly black either).

So really, I guess what I like the least about this product is its marketing copy. The mascara itself is perfectly good, providing visible results, and it does fulfill some of the its less exaggerated claims. For example, this mascara is “easy-to-apply,” “water-resistant” and easily lasted for 12 hours. And while the word “no” is a bit strong, I do agree that there was almost no, “…smudging, crumbling or flaking.”

Oddly enough, the hyped-up marketing copy doesn’t mention the quality that I like the most in this mascara: it’s really good at separating lashes, meaning I almost never had issues with the dreaded spider lashes.

Perhaps all the big, shiny claims are needed to help justify this mascara’s price: $29 at Sephora. Personally, I find that a lot for what’s essential a solid, everyday mascara, a product that exists in many other, cheaper forms. Yeah, the packaging is fun and different, as well as functional, but for what’s pretty much $30, I want wow factor.

Would I buy this product: No; it’s too pricey for what you get.

Should you buy this product: Do you have more money than you know what to do with and are looking for a new daytime mascara? If yes, give this product a twirl.

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