Monday, December 15, 2014

My December 2014 Topbox

It's been about a month since I attended the Spark Sessions beauty and fashion blogger conference. I left that event with a renewed enthusiasm about blogging and all sorts of plans. And while I did execute some of those plansI did freshened up the look of my blogothers have fallen flat. For example, I was determined to post three times a week. Last week, I posted one. Damn holidays and their busyness.

On the plus side, the craziness of December resulted in our Topboxes being sent early (I guess to reach people before they went on holidays). While the only festival touch was a red organza bag, my box this month was overall, pretty good. Here's what I got:

  • Marsk Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Mudcake  (1.2g; full-size)
  • Argan Dry Body Oil (8ml)
  • Kinetics Nail Polish in Up The Rocks (full-size)
  • Eslor skin care products; one foil packet of each of the following: Botanical Peeling Gel; Chlorophyll Lifting Mask; Firming Collagen Day Cream and Soothing Refiner and Cleanser
I like this box for two reason main reasons. First, it's a good mix of items. There is a makeup sample, stuff for my face, a product for my body and a nail polish. I always prefer boxes like this, that give me a variety of products.

This box is also filled with items that I'm mostly unfamiliar with. Of the four brands included, I've only heard of Barefoot Venus though I've never used the particular product that's included in this month's package. The other three brands are complete unknowns to me and I'm quite happy about that. I know that there are some subscribers who only want to receive well-known, high-end brands like Dior and Deborah Lippman and because of that, they tend to complain when they receive a box like this one that contains multiple unknown brands. I can't help but role my eyes at these complaints because what's the point of subscribing to a monthly beauty box if you don't want to be surprised and have the opportunity to try out something new?

Of the items I received this month, I'm most looking forward to trying out the Eslor products. My skin's been having a bit of a fit these last couple of weeks so maybe this is the line that bring it back to its normal, smooth, healthy self. I do which that these samples where in a different kind of packaging that the foil packets but hey, I least I get to try four products from this line.

And of course I'm curious to tryout the eyeshadow and the nail polish, both of which are in colours that I love to wear (good job on giving me those options Topbox!).

I plan on writing these on all of these products; though given the backlog that I need to get through, I think those reviews will be going up in oh, January.

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