Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My March 2015 Topbox

Unlike last month, this month's Topbox arrived on time and contained my Privé pick. A Privé box is usually a brand-specific box whose contents are advertised prior to shipping and that Topbox subscribers have the option to select in lieu of a regular Topbox. The thing is, selecting a Privé box doesn't mean you're going to get it as most Privé boxes are considered "limited edition" (people who don't receive a Privé box end up with a regular box).

For March, a few different Privé options were available. I went with the Matrix Oil box because I need a new hair oil and I know that Matrix has a pretty good reputation. When my box arrived filled with foil packets from Matrix's Oil Wonders line, I was thrilled that I had gotten the Privé box and that I now owned the following items:
  • Egyptian Hibiscus Color Caring Oil (4 x 10ml)
  • Micro-Oil Shampoo (4 x 10ml)
  • Oil Conditioner (6 x 10ml)
OK, yes, I did receive 14 foil packets of products and yes, foil packets are awkward and messy but at least these are good-sized packets. The shampoo and conditioner will likely last me at least of month while the oil will easily last two.

I'm particularly happy to have received the Egyptian Hibiscus Color Caring Oil as I'm about to get fresh highlights in my hair later this week. Hopefully the oil will stay true to its claims and "restore vibrancy" "while providing softness and shine."

I will definitely be posting reviews on all three of these products, likely sometime in April.  

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