Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Face Shop OverGirl Edge Sticks

All 5 available shades
When I first saw the two OverGirl Edge Sticks in my THEFACESHOP swag bag, I thought, "I will never be able to wear these candy colours." Based on the "sample" colour displayed in the clear cap, I had received one stick in a shiny mauve and one in a shiny rose. They are pretty colours but a bit more intense, and sparkly, than what I normally wear.

Then I tried the eyeshadows on and they turned out to be much less bright and saturated than I was anticipating. Normally I would have a problem with this; the colour on my eyelids should match the sample but in this case, it was OK because these less intense colours were actually wearable.

Besides not being as bright as I had anticipated, the sticks also weren't as shimmery. Again, this turned out to be a good thing. While both shades that I received, PP01 (the purple) and PK01(the pink), definitely have a shimmer finish, it's not too flashy. In other words, you can easily wear either colour to the office. PK01 is particularly office-friendly, as it's really closer  to a neutral flesh tone, than a pink. PP01 is a bit darker and more dramatic, but most people could still pull it off during daytime hours

I know that some people hate stick-shaped eye makeup but personally, I like this format. Yes, a stick doesn't gave you all of the control and detail that a brush does but a stick is also a lot quicker and easier to use especially when the shadow has a smooth, glide-on texture, like the Edge Sticks. Applying this product is a breeze and once it's on, it feels quite comfortable.

Unfortunately, this eyeshadow isn't very long lasting. Worn on a bare lid, it creeps up into the crease within an hour. Wearing a primer under it delays this but only for a bit. Thankfully, that stick format makes it easy to throw  this product in your bag and touch up as needed. 

Also unfortunate? I don't know what this product costs. I would think it's quite reasonable, as THEFACESHOP is a very reasonably priced store. Maybe $7.99 or $8.99? That would be a fair price  for what you get especially since the packaging, while practical, isn't anything special.

THEFACESHOP is a fairly new arrival to the Canadian retail scene. It can now be found across the country including in The Eaton Centre. Each shop is packed with beauty and makeup products, including the Edge Sticks, which are available is five different shades. 

Would I buy this product: If my low price guess is correct, I would definitely consider picking up this product in another shade. 

Should you buy this product: If you're good with a stick format, mild shimmer and a product that you don't mind touching up, the answer is an easy yes. 

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